Brain Gym PACE poster

PACE is a “warm-up” for Brain Gym.



PACE is a “warm-up” for Brain Gym.

The acronym PACE stands for…

  • Positive
  • Active
  • Clear
  • Energetic
The first activity (Energetic) is drinking water.

Water is essential to our overall well-being as 78% of our body is made of water.

The second (Clear) Brain Buttons

These electric reflex points stimulate the eyes for crossing the mid-line along with activating the carotid artery and the subclavian arteries to increase oxygen and blood flow throughout the brain and body.

The third (Active) The Cross Crawl

Crossing the mid-line of the body creates connections between the brain hemispheres allowing neuro pathways to spark for increased whole brain integration.  This assist with sitting, reading, focus, walking, running and more.

The fourth (Positive) Hook-ups – I have changed this title to “Calming Pretzels”

Helps to calm the parasympathetic nervous system while calming the emotional portions of our brain for increased focus and grounding.