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Brain KinetiX is a movement based program that integrates the brain/body connection for increased self-awareness, balance and mindfulness. Brain Gym®️, yoga and neuro-developmental movement are the basic techniques that facilitate learning and movement. Educators, Parents, Coaches and Therapists are recognizing a growing need for enriched practices that involve movement, breathing and focus. More evidence, formal and observational, is proving that these exercises create “shifts” to an overall well-being.


The Specialist.

Joan Murphy

Joan Murphy Evans, M.Ed, BGC
Educational Kinesiologist
Neuro-Movement Specialist

Movement and helping others have always been a passion of mine whether through organized sports and fitness classes, in the classroom, or during free time outdoors!

These values led me to earn my Bachelor of Science Degree in Special Education/Elementary Education from Rhode Island College in 1996. During this time, I was honored to be President of the class, a Resident Assistant, Captain of the tennis team, which was twice named Little East Tennis Champions.

Upon graduation, I was fortunate enough be hired as a Special Education Teacher and immediately earned my Master’s Degree in Education/Integrated Studies from Cambridge College. This is when I first heard of and attended a Brain Gym class.

After teaching for five years, I was fortunate to stay home with my two beautiful daughters! During this time, I worked part-time as a Private Educational Consultant, as well as an Instructor of Spin and fitness classes at local gyms.

In 2012, I participated in more classes focusing on Brain Gym. I had an epiphany that this is what I am meant to pursue! Educational Kinesiology (Brain Gym), put all my passions in “one bag”, allowing me to continuously explore, grow and educate others. I incorporate these tools and movements into my Elementary Physical Education classes as well, which allows for increased focus and concentration in and out of the classroom.

Currently, I am a Licensed Brain Gym Consultant/Educational Kinesioloigist, where I work one-on-one with clients along with facilitating classes and workshops in my private practice, Brain KinetiX.

What is Brain Gym® ?



“Movement is the door to learning,” states Paul Dennison, co-creator of Brain Gym.


“Noticing” (Self Awareness)

All of the sudden, we notice shifts within ourselves and our environment which transitions to self growth and awareness.


Pausing and rest create connections within the brain/body system which allows learning and movement to be automatic rather than strained.



The more connections we create in our brains, the more balanced and focused we become.


Mission & Values.

Brain KinetiX incorporates movement, Educational Kinesiology (Brain Gym), yoga, and goal setting to create pathways throughout the brain and body for increased focus and balance in your daily life. For all ages and abilities!

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